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Video games can make us creative if spark is right

Tuesday May 27 by Eric Thelin
Video games that energize players and induce a positive mood could also enhance creativity, according to media researchers. However, the study also finds that players who were not highly energized and had a negative mood, registered the highest creativity. "You need defocused attention for being creative," said S. Shyam Sundar, professor of film, video and media studies at Penn State. "When you have low arousal and are negative, you tend to focus on detail and become more analytical."

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Thursday June 07 by Claudia bourne
Sharon Stone has launched a $100 million lawsuit against the producers of Basic Instinct 2, saying they breached her contract by pulling the plug on the troubled project. The producers deep-sixed the sequel after failing to find a director or male costar.

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Napster deal with MusicNet faces stiff challenges

Wednesday June 06 by Claudia bourne
The deal between Napster and MusicNet pits three major record labels against two in the race to develop an Internet music system consumers will pay for.

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Janet Jackson’s latest banned in Singapore

Wednesday June 06 by Claudia bourne
Singer Janet Jackson’s latest album will remain on the banned list in Singapore unless an offending track containing explicit lyrics is removed. “The distributor can release the album ‘All for You’ by removing the objectionable track ‘Would You Mind,’ ” a spokeswoman for the Films and Publications Department said.

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'Survivor' Colleen hits big screen with 'Animal'

Wednesday June 06 by Claudia bourne
On the original "Survivor," Colleen Haskell won over the television audience as the cute girl with the soft-spoken, gentle nature and rock-hard body. Many male viewers might like to be marooned with the 24-year-old Haskell on an island, any island. Preferably deserted. But Haskell now is stuck with Rob Schneider, creator and star of the raucous new comedy, "The Animal."

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